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As a professional musician, I have had a great deal of exposure to Handpans through a good friend and fellow musician who owns 14 Handpans from various builders from around the world. When I asked him who I should purchase my first Handpan through, without hesitation, he said Curtis Smith. I asked him if he had a Handpan made by him. His response was "No, but I met him at Steel Mountain and played one he made and I think it is one of the best in the world." That was good enough for me. I called Curtis and less then 2 months later I had the Handpan. It was built to my exact specifications. WOW, doesn't even begin to describe it. This Hanpan was everything my friend said it would be. I enthusiastically brought it to my friend a few days later to experience. He loved it so much, he called Curtis while I was there and ordered what was to become one of his 14 Handpans. Curtis was easy to work with and made owning my first Handpan one of the most exciting musical instrument acquisitions of my life. It is now a staple part of my shows.
Scott Schaefer
My husband, a handpan enthusiast, owns many handpans. He purchased a 21 inch stainless steel C# handpan in the Magic Voyage scale made by Curtis . I have never been called to play the handpan until we received this wonderful pan.  This handpan is MINE.  I love it. It is such an amazing instrument! My handpan is definitely magical.
Thank you Curtis for sharing your gift with the world.
Barbara Saggio
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