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Stainless steel and Powder Coated 1008 "raw" steel

Two sizes - 19" and 21".  (19" Handpans - hammer sunk shells) & (21" Handpans - Hydroformed)











I can do most scales, and have gone as low as F2 for the central note on 21" instruments, but the size of shell and fitment of notes are a limiting factor. For 19" instruments, I avoid notes with C5 as a fundamental, and with 21" instruments, I avoid notes with Bb4 as the fundamental. These are the notes that cause interference issues on the respective diameters, and create a "wobble" in the frequency that can't be tuned out, only minimized by damping or other means.


There are multiple variables that affect pricing, highest among them being the particular scale
chosen. Depending on the layout, additional work may be required that may increase in price
accordingly. Other things that will affect the pricing are the material chosen, and how much
additional work or effort is involved for a particular scale or layout, such as the addition of
bottom notes for scale extensions or custom scale configurations.

Namana bags available, which can be purchased separately or along with an instrument.
Armored backpack style bags with logo are $200, and other styles are also available. 

Accept payments through PayPal, Zelle, or Check.


Shipping costs vary depending on location, but generally are within the range of $50 to $150 in the continental U.S.,

International shipping costs is available however costs are generally higher and with the customer responsible for any 
additional fees associated with import into another country such as customs, etc.


Handpans in general are relatively delicate instruments, prone to being knocked out of tune by drops or hard impacts, as well as being played too aggressively. All of my instruments go through multiple rounds of tuning and tempering before being glued, followed by more rounds of tuning and stress testing afterwards to ensure that they will hold their tune for a long time and hold up well to moderate playing. With gentle playing, the instruments can stay in tune for years, while more aggressive playing generally requires retuning more frequently. My instruments can handle the heat of being left in a hot car without damaging the tuning, although it will temporarily detune a bit while hot and shouldn't be played hard until it cools back down.


All instruments are hand made, and as such, all sales are final. If there is a problem with materials or craftsmanship, PanSmith will repair or replace the instrument as required. 


For the first year of ownership, a PanSmith instrument in need of a normal retune (not from
damage) will be retuned at no charge, with the customer only paying for shipping. After one year
there is a fee of $50-$100 dollars depending on the amount of tuning required. If no retune is
needed in the first year, the first normal (non-damage) retune is free. A video may be required to
provide an estimate for a retune on a damaged instrument.


PanSmith Location
Guthrie, OK. (Oklahoma's first capitol), a small town about 15 minutes North of Oklahoma City, OK.

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